8 Is Better Than 1
OK, Peter... I watched your video, and you're right:
  • ​I know that I have to be the best leader I can be in order to power my business even higher.
  • I'm ready to learn things about myself that will shake me to the core and make me a better person.
  • ​I've gotten this far but I don't know what I don't know...and I never want my blind spot to silently hold me back.
  • ​This is the year to gain new perspectives, explore new ways of thinking, and energize my business and life!
If That's All True, Go Ahead:
See what others are saying about their experience:
Hear Patricia's Story...
"Forum has helped me get over some really personal barriers that were holding me back..."
Hear Lisa's Story...
"Peter has given me the gift of being able to think bigger, really clearly...he asks the right questions, and the tough questions...and it's already driven me to greater revenue in my business!"
Hear Nick's Story...
"Peter told me the TRUTH - what works, what doesn't. He gave me the clarity and the skills to make the best decisions for me financially, and without that consult from Peter I would NOT be where I am today."
Forum Is "Unlike Anything I've Done Before..."
Hear Flora's Story...
Hear Aden's Story...
"Forum is unlike ANYTHING I expected it to be, and I'd HIGHLY recommend it to ANYBODY."
Hear Edwin's Story...
"I'm telling you...you've got to join Forum. Peter's amazing, the people and the friendships you make in Forum are amazing...when you have somebody helping you, it's 100 times better!"
Can One Phone Call Really Change Your Life?
Come On... This Can't REALLY Be That Good...?
Hear Edwin's Story...
"Peter helped me through one of the most difficult and frustrating times in my business..."
Hear Jon's Story...
"I felt like before I was doing my day to day activities but without clarity...if you're on the fence, definitely do it!"

Hey there, I'm Peter.

Yup, that's me there with the great hair. Been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America (twice). Written for Forbes and Inc., and my book was endorsed by Barbara Corcoran. Got a nifty MBA from Columbia University, and I've even launched a new store for Warren Buffett. But I really, really, really love working with entrepreneurs. And drinking good wine. Sometimes at the same time.

Hundreds of founders have hired me to help them build a clear, profitable business, and now I'm inviting you to apply to the most life-changing experience you will EVER encounter: Forum.

And by the way, I guarantee it'll change your life.
When you're ready to take the giant leap into being the best leader you can honestly be, let's jump on a quick call so I can see if Forum is the right fit for you:
If you pinky-promise ALL the above is true?
Roger Brown
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